More sleep, without sleep training

My approach to sleep is Responsive and Attachment-focused meaning that I will never suggest ANY sleep training techniques.  My experience and education provide me with tools to holistically support families from a responsive, respectful parenting perspective to find sleep solutions that strengthen relationships, validate instincts and preserve attachment relationships

Parenting with Presence

It is possible to improve sleep while  respecting  your parenting values.

I envisioned this project, to support you with a research-based approach that focuses on attachment relationships and connection . You are allowed to change what is no longer working for you and your family.

What parents are saying


"In four weeks we went from about 8 wakings and 15 minutes naps, to 2 overnight wakings and two naps of at least 50 minutes each. Mariana helped us focus on responsive parenting instead of our obsession to control E's sleep. She changed our perspective about parenting and literally gave us all the tolls we need to raise our girl authentically. Forever thankful!" Jena

"Your tips have helped us SO much. We are down to 2-3 night wakings, and M. almost always goes back down quickly and in his own crib! You helped me realize that my simple presence is what M. needed […] Daycare has even reported that he's in a better mood and has been happier to take naps! I can not thank you enough. Truly. You're magic."


"Working with Mariana is almost like signing up for a parenting therapy session. She is incredibly supportive, an amazing listener and one of the warmest persons I've met. The process is amazing and you will feel like she is giving a hug every time she replies an email."  


"Mariana is patient, knowledgeable and she truly cares about how we feel. The entire process was very impressive. I wasn't expecting that a daily support would be so important. We looked forward to Mariana's replies after submitting the forms and I wish we could have this amazing support forever. The parenting piece of her work was unbelievable!"



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